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WAKE UP. Tomorrow is now.

WAKE UP is the digital branded content series produced for NTT DATA, to transform its communication strategy, oriented towards C – Level clients. It is a series about the future, technology and their impact on a society ten years from now. 1. Data sheet Client: NTT DATA Product/service: IT services, IT Consulting. Field of the campaign: over the world. 2. Briefing NTT DATA, a Japanese system integration company, wanted to change the [...]

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How did banking change to change people’s lives? The story of VAL

How to present the future of banking? We decided to create VAL, but what or who is VAL? An original work for ING. 1. Data sheet Client: ING Brand: TFI (Thinking Forward Initiative). Product/service: Financial services. Field of the campaign: Europe. 2. Briefing ING, a Dutch multinational bank and financial services corporation, has developed an initiative called TFI (Thinking Forward Initiative). The main goal of the initiative is to empower people to make [...]

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Growthland Manifesto

We are Growthland. We were born to tell the FUTURE of the world today. We are not magicians; we don’t have a crystal ball. All we do is observe, listen, taste or even smell the world around us: we do anything to understand where all this is going and give it some meaning. How do we do it? We tell STORIES, Sci-Fi Stories. We tell relevant stories about PEOPLE, to show what we have learnt about TECHNOLOGY and the [...]

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