How did banking change to change people’s lives? The story of VAL

How to present the future of banking? We decided to create VAL, but what or who is VAL? An original work for ING.

1. Data sheet

Client: ING

Brand: TFI (Thinking Forward Initiative).

Product/service: Financial services.

Field of the campaign: Europe.

2. Briefing

ING, a Dutch multinational bank and financial services corporation, has developed an initiative called TFI (Thinking Forward Initiative). The main goal of the initiative is to empower people to make better financial decisions. To achieve this goal TFI is leading researches to know what, why and how people make their financial decisions. With people insights, TFI supports start-ups and scale-ups to develop solutions that help the community.

In this context ING needed to communicate TFI with 2 main objectives:

  • To attract new start-ups and scale-ups to its accelerator.
  • To attract potential consumers.

The content would be consumed through different channels:

  • During the first TFI Summit. An annual event placed in Madrid, Spain, on April 10th 2018. Around 200 participants were expected.
  • At the TFI social channels (LinkedIn and Twitter).
  • At the corporate channels of the TFI partners (internal communication and external websites).
  • On the ING YouTube channel.

3. Growthland Proposal

Our proposal for ING relied on talking to ING target from the 2030’s future showing the exponential changes experienced in the banking industry since 2018. Highlighting 2018 as a key inflexion point to the transformation of the financial sector thanks to the TFI and the emergence of VAL.

All of this was achieved through a mockumentary called The story of VAL.

What is a mockumentary?

A mockumentary is an audiovisual format, a type of movie or television show depicting fictional events but presented as a documentary. The story of VAL combined the fictional parts with personal interviews with TFI experts.

What is VAL?

The question should be Who is VAL? VAL is the bank of the future, and the bank of the future is a virtual entity who is going with you everywhere, helping you to take the best financial decisions based on insights on your personal behaviour and your peer’s behaviour.

VAL is the representation of all the research insights, ideas, inputs, innovations and goals of TFI, and it’s constantly learning from the users.

Why VAL?

We needed the name of a human being to give an identity to our entity. The TFI logo has a VA, so if we add an “L” letter, we a cool human name.

4. Execution

The execution combined the lastest production technologies with the traditional ones. The main objective was to develop a realistic future were technology was completly integrated in the daily routine.

Firstly storyboards were used to recreate the different scenes. At this point, we simulated how the production should look like, in terms of image-planes.

Secondly, to reach the complete integration of the technologywe used VFX on objects and situations that were almost unnoticeable. Here are some examples

5. Results

The final result is the story of how banking changed to change people’s life represented in two videos:

  • Teaser – Story of VAL.  A teaser for the social channels and the plenary part of the Summit to present The story of VAL.
  • The story of VAL. A short (7 minutes) shot movie that was shown during the Summit Marketplace. Through the story of VAL’s development, different related people are interviewed. They tell us how they helped to change the banking sector and people’s lives.
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