WAKE UP. Tomorrow is now.

WAKE UP is the digital branded content series produced for NTT DATA, to transform its communication strategy, oriented towards C – Level clients. It is a series about the future, technology and their impact on a society ten years from now.

1. Data sheet

Client: NTT DATA

Product/service: IT services, IT Consulting.

Field of the campaign: over the world.

2. Briefing

NTT DATA, a Japanese system integration company, wanted to change the way they were communicating with their clients, specifically with C-level clients. To renovate their communications into a more personalized way. For these reasons the main objectives of their request were:

  • To position NTT DATA as an innovative company in the mind of its C-level clients.
  • To promote the corporate key-lines and R&D focuses.
  • To renovate the global communication strategy. Developing a new integrated marketing strategy, with a digital core.

As the final product is intended for C-level clients, therefore the contents should be brief and time-reduced.

3. Growthland Proposal

From Growthland we proposed to make a radical change in NTT DATA content communications. For this reason, our proposal was focused on being relevant for the main target: the C-suite of clients companies.
These requirements turned into reality through a branded content digital series: WAKE UP.
The series mainly revolves around the impact of technology in society ten years from now, and includes the company’s main corporate key – lines and R&D focuses. Some of these lines are: Smart cities & Autonomous driving, Creative Technologies and new learning experiences, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence among others.

The series tells Adam’s story. Adam, the main character, wakes up to a very different world after spending 10 years in a coma. However, his virtual assistant Entity will show him how technology has changed the rules of the game and help him adapt to a new future.
WAKE UP would be made up of an Intro + 8 episodes of around five minutes each. Thus, would make every episode precise and effective. Adequate for a target that frequently has no time.

3. Execution

How was this done?

In Growthland we face several challenges to disrupt the world of media and content, but one of the most important ones is to mix and bind art and science. We seek to have the best of both worlds, as it can be seen in WAKE UP.
WAKE UP was produced by the Growthland, media and content platform in under four months, with an overall cost of five time less the market standards today.
We didn’t just want to produce random content to discuss the 8 trending technologies in the foresight of NTT group. Not at all. We wanted meaning, so we decided to write a story, a story about a normal person, Adam, who encounters such technologies, just as you will do someday. This is what we call show, don’t tell. That’s the art part.
To achieve this in time and budget, we used the latest technologies in VFX to speed up production processes. This changed the way audiovisual content is created, because we didn’t need any real locations or scenarios, we could design our own settings, and make them look real, just by using technology. This enabled us to produce over 30 minutes of quality film on a minimum budget.

5. Results

WAKE UP was integrated into the company’s new, and different, marketing and communication strategies.
What are the results? A new digital asset for NTT DATA to communicate to their clients with unlimited rights. Moreover, it is not just an asset, but a liquid asset. This means that it is not just a production of branded content to deliver a message to NTT DATA’s C – Level clients, but much more.

For WAKE UP, 3D scenarios have been created that can be used for other communicative actions, especially in 3D environments and VR applications. But that’s not all. Many business and innovation initiatives have sprung from the making of WAKE UP, being the most notorious one the creation of Entity. Entity is an AI endowed with a real personality, based on the super – advanced AI that accompanies Adam through his journey. Furthermore, the production of WAKE UP 2 was requested just a few months after WAKE UP delivery.

In the end, WAKE UP has changed the audiovisual production model of AV content. We tell a story and use advanced technology to lower the costs to the minimum and produce a high-quality film.

Currently WAKE UP is available all over the world. You can find all it videos in.

Soon WAKE UP 2 will be available.

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